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Work Uniforms

Work Uniforms


Functional work uniforms are a growing area for Adventure Outfitters. We pride ourselves on crafting quality fabrics into stylish workwear and work uniforms that are smart, comfortable and functional in an urban setting. We now have a huge range of clients from airport staff, car yards, radio reps, gardeners, ski field personnel, jet boat operators, baristas….. It is an exciting and diverse list. Our New Zealand made team and work wear uniforms outlast imported work wear and work uniforms.
Imported Work Wear and Work Uniforms
Imported work wear or work uniforms are often made from less hardwearing components that do not stand the test of time and repeated washing. Imported work wear or work uniforms are often limited in the designs that are on offer or have excessive, hard to meet minimums. The size range can also be limited.
On the positive size the price is usually cheaper, and the colour range more extensive.
The majority of uniform suppliers offer only imported uniform options  
There is definitely a place for imported work wear and work uniforms and they need to be considered in the mix.
Adventure Outfitters sell imported work wear and work uniforms as well as producing our own brand of New Zealand made work wear and uniforms.
If price is the most important issue, and work uniforms don’t have to last, then imported work wear is an appropriate option for you. Even so it is good to check out both options prior to purchase. We like to send you samples of each so you can compare the quality and the price of each work wear option.
New Zealand Made Work Wear and Work Uniforms
Adventure Outfitters has been manufacturing specialist outdoor work wear, work uniforms, sportswear and sports uniforms for the New Zealand market since 1985. In 2007 Adventure Outfitters merged with Streets Clothing. Streets specialised in the manufacture of school uniforms and sports uniforms. By combining together these two organisations now have a wealth of experience in the design of specialist outdoor clothing, work wear and work uniforms.
 Adventure Outfitters has developed a huge reputation for garments that don’t wear out. I am constantly amazed at the number of garments that we produced in the 80’s and early 90’s that the owners still wear. These garments have turned into much loved favourites, they invariably come out in the weekend for the comfort factor, walking, playing sports, gardening or just snuggling up on a cold winter day. We all have our favourite garments; it gives me great satisfaction that Adventure Outfitters has made some many of them over the years. However, from a purely business point of view they last way too long!
Unique Look
Often in a work environment you want your new work uniforms to look different from the others! It is a common disappointment for companies to proudly put on their new look work uniforms and then discover how commonplace the style is. Particularly if you choose our local New Zealand manufactured work wear for your new work uniforms, we can give you a much more individual look.  
We work hard on our styles, colours and the functionality of the materials we use to ensure that your new work uniforms are not only unique, stand out and look smart but also they are completely functional and hardwearing.
We have over 20 years of experience designing hardwearing functional clothing for New Zealand conditions. There is nothing we enjoy more than the challenge of meeting specialist needs. We use the latest practical fabrics available, and are constantly evaluating new products for their suitability for our customers.
10 years ago the majority of our styles were made out of fleece and waterproof nylon based fabrics. Now our outdoor work wear jackets are generally “Soft shell” - an innovative waterproof, windproof material that looks great outdoors or in the office.
We also use merino extensively, producing garments that can work on the ski fields or again in the office.
10 year ago the majority of T/shirts we sold were imported cotton. Now we do a range of hi tech wickable, breathable fabrics that wash and dry better, and are more hardwearing than cotton. Most importantly they are very comfortable to wear.
 We have developed a philosophy of constant change - we cannot afford to stand still. This positive, proactive attitude to change means we are now part of an elite, dwindling group - one of the few remaining clothing manufacturers in New Zealand.
We love the challenge of working with new fabrics and developing new styles.
 Our in house expertise and the number of existing styles we have developed over the years, means that we can quickly and efficiently determine what will meet your own work wear and work uniform requirements.
Our local manufacture means that we can make styles specifically for your needs.
We operate out of Dunedin. We cater for staff who may work in a heated office environment for half the day and then have to brave extreme weather conditions as well, typically ski field personnel, surveyors etc. We have the experience and expertise to cater for these diverse conditions.
We have recently added a completely new way of making work uniforms to provide an individual look. This is called sublimation, and is a high tech digital printing method that allows you to design on a computer the exact look that you want. This is especially valuable when you want individual names, complex logos and slogans all on each garment.  In the past screen printing or monogramming were the only options.
Sublimation allows a better cleaner look at a lower cost.
All of the high tech international sports team uniforms are now sublimated. This applies to the high profile rugby, rugby league, soccer, cricket, netball, hockey and other teams.
You can now capitalise on these latest developments and allow your work uniforms to have a unique wow factor unavailable in the past. Of course this look may not be appropriate for your work place, or work uniforms but before you rule this methodology out look at some of the examples. You can customise not only the design but the colour to ensure that your work wear represents your corporate and company image in a very unique way.
We recognise that many companies get approached for sponsorship especially for sports team uniforms. Many companies now have their own company teams. We also specialise in team uniforms. Our small size means that we can cater for small numbers. So if you have a staff team entering an adventure race or a group who simply run together at lunch times we can accommodate them.
Usually managements’ attitude to work uniforms is to keep the costs as low as possible. With the financial pressures on us all this can seem as the only realistic option.
It may well be the case for your work uniforms or work wear.  Our part in the process is to give you all the alternatives before you make an informed final decision.
We believe we have the best, most competitive selection available of the imported work wear as well as being one of the few remaining work wear and  work uniform suppliers that can offer you a locally New Zealand made product.
We are proud that we are one of the few surviving manufacturers of New Zealand made work wear, outdoor wear and sports uniforms. We have survived to date due to the support of our customers. We get this support by developing a close relationship with them, working out what is most important to them and then doing everything we can to meet their requirements.
We want you as our customer as well. If you support us with your business we commit to you as well. Our commitment is to do whatever is in our power to provide work  uniforms and work wear that is entirely suitable for your needs in terms of delivery time, price, design , colour, size, durability, and last but not least, ongoing top up orders and repairs .  
Our New Zealand made work wear is usually much more durable than imported alternatives. We made a merino bath robe for a boutique hotel which they could offer in the rooms and also for sale. In the evaluation process this robe was subject to 30 commercial washes and 30 rides in the commercial dryer. Check out the photos and see what you think!
With local New Zealand manufacture of your work uniforms we can make any size you need. Especially in New Zealand, our work force can come in a huge range of shapes and sizes! If you get it wrong you risk offending some staff members, if you cater for them exactly you are seen as considerate and thoughtful.
Imported work wear often only comes in a pre set size range. If in your company there are particularly large or small staff members, we can cater for them with our New Zealand made styles.
Top Ups
Often with imports it is a struggle for the supplier to provide top ups. Change in personnel often means that you need to get another “one off” garment of a particular size. With our local New Zealand manufacture we can do this. With imported styles it is a struggle to keep consistency of colours and catering for extreme sizes is even more difficult. The importer has little control.
With New Zealand manufacture of work wear and work uniforms we select fabrics and colours that we can reproduce for years. Therefore we are happy to cater for top ups.
In the rigours of the work place work uniforms need repair. We are happy to provide this service to our customers.
Before you buy, consider all the options available. We are unashamedly biased towards local manufacture. We have a factory and staff in Dunedin we are passionate about.
However what is most important to us is to provide you, our customer, with exactly what you want.
Please consider the broader picture. Look beyond price and consider value. There is a close relationship between how your staff looks and how they feel. A correct choice of work uniform can not only do a lot to enhance the image of your staff and company but can also help engender feelings of pride in the company, their work and their team.
Whatever you choose, imports or local production I hope we get the chance to provide you with your next work uniform.




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Functional work uniforms are a growing area for Adventure Outfitters. We pride ourselves on crafting quality fabrics into stylish workwear and work uniforms that are smart, comfortable and functional in an urban setting. We now have a huge range of clients from airport staff, car yards, radio reps, gardeners, ski field personnel, jet boat operators, baristas.. It is an exciting and diverse list. Our New Zealand made team and work wear uniforms outlast imported work wear and work uniforms.

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